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G I N O  H O L L A N D E R *
Gino Hollander began painting in 1960 at the time that a new medium – acrylic paint – was emerging and he was among the first to explore its possibilities. Viewing his work now, one becomes aware of the virtuosity of both the painter and his medium. There are canvasses with the subtle oriental feeling of dry brush done in India ink, there are thick built up swirls of garish color or soft transparent hues, paint shoveled on with a palette knife, drips and blobs and fine line drawings, as well a mixture of oil medium with the acrylic, sometimes all of these things on one five foot canvas. The end result is pure emotion. You hate it or you love it but it is difficult to remain neutral.


J I M  H O L L A N D E R *
I have lived and worked in Israel since l983 as chief photographer for the Reuters News Agency. My reportage has captured the conflicts in the complicated and troubled region, both personal and political.

Currently I am assembling a large format book entitled UNTIL PEACE, which includes many of my more memorable photographs from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Another book is in the works. Called RUN TO THE SUN, it is about the Feria of San Fermin, the famous "Running of the Bulls" fiesta in Pamplona, Spain. I have documented this fiesta for the past twenty years.



S I R I   H O L L A N D E R *
I live on a farm outside of Taos, New Mexico where I am raising three children, three horses and a lot of dogs while sculpting daily. I try to translate a lifelong love of horses to my sculptures, both in my bronzes and mixed media cement and steel works.

I went to Spain in l962 at the age of three and within a couple of years was daily riding bareback in the Andalucian countryside. Our home was a horse ranch and over the years I witnessed the birth of some 50 foals. It left a lifelong impression and a strong desire to translate that into my work.

We live a simple life and try to be at one with nature.



S C O T T  H O L L A N D E R *
When I am not working as a grip or a cameraman on Hollywood stages or on locations, I am shooting nature stills, most often in the Rocky Mountains. Though most of my film work is in LA, I live in Aspen.

I was raised in Southern Spain, arriving at age one and coming back to America at age 15 to school. I return to Spain as often as possible to renew the fondest of memories.

I am an outdoorsman and spend much of my time in the high backcountry wilderness in all seasons capturing the beauty of nature on film while skiing , boarding, biking and practicing my love of rock climbing.

In my portrait photography I try to catch the essential persona of the subject.



B A R B A R A  H O L L A N D E R *
I like to say I have had as many careers as I have grandkids. Currently I am completing a manuscript of my memoir AFTERTHOUGHTS as well as a book of collected poetry STILL LIFE WITH LILACS. And my ninth grandchild.


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