TAPESTRY  "Comments on an Uncommon Life"

"This is about me. How I felt about how it was. There are wonderful days and days of misery. Pain and pleasure intermingled.

You could call it a memoir, you could call it a fairy tale, its the story of a young girl who leaves her Midwestern home of the 30’s and finds adventure and a life in the Village of the50’s as a filmmaker, mother of three and then an expatriate with family for thirty years in Southern Spain."

It’s a mélange of prose and poetry, of a woman who makes her own rules in searching for an ego, for a fuller life for herself and family." - Barbara Hollander


Barbara’s unusual life, deep in hurt and hope is told in that special way she possesses. Witty and sarcastic, clever and subtle yet light and distinctive, she suggests there is more under the learned, never pedantic way of telling that is present in Tapestry, a memoir of the drama and routine which exists in all human beings…..and she is entertaining.

Tapestry is available at Xlibris, to purchase [click here].

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